We provide a broad range of Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering services to organisations in the manufacturing and software development industries. We aid you in defining the right product and building the product right.


Are you looking for advice on setting up your product development processes? Or are you looking to improve the product definition proces? Or perhaps you're looking for the next steps to take in optimising these processes to increase product quality and process efficiency? Let us guide you with our expertise and experience.


Technology is an enabler for high quality processes, either through the data involved, or by automating tasks involved in a reliable manner. Let us help you choose and implement the right tools for you and your organisation. We're independent - not tied to any technology or application - and we have the experience that is required to able to properly advise you.


Processes involve people. To make processes effective, the people must be effective. Saforama offers a number of courses on Requirements Engineering. Not an ideal fit? We can customise trainings to fit your needs and to focus on your specific process. That's what makes us special!

Our approach

Each organisation is unique and has its own challenges and specifics. There is no silver bullet solution to Requirements Engineering problems that will be applicable everywhere. Saforama believes in tailor made solutions, based on industry best practices and experience. Solutions that fit your organisation.

A successful solution arises from a balanced blend of the following three areas:


The right technology, tools and techniques to properly support the processes, aligned to the skills level of the organisation.


The right people with the right skills in the right job with the training and coaching they need.


The right processes and procedures that are aligned with the organisation's ambitions and skills.

This TOP approach used by Saforama focusses on all three of these key areas. We make sure the balance between these areas remains or is regained, such that your organisation can evolve in a stable fashion.