Services: Consultancy

Do you want to (re)gain control over your product development projects? Looking to get your requirements processes working for you instead of against you? Is your organisation surprised when requirements have seemingly changed and you’re not quite sure how to handle that?

As a Systems Engineering and Requriements Engineering specialist, Saforama offers you services to help with the challenges of delivering the value of your products on time, within budget and according to the required quality.

The requirements challenge

More and more money is being spent by Dutch companies in research and development and the number of companies that are innovating is constantly growing. The challenge comes when an idea needs to be turned into a product that meets stakeholder expectations, but also laws and regulations stated by local and global governments. We must be clear about who the stakeholders are in the first case. What are their needs, their (unspoken) expectations. Who within our own organisation defines the product that is to be built; i.e. defines the scope of the product.

These questions, and many more besides, will need to be tackled to (re)gain that all important grip. Saforama has been involved within the Dutch industry for over 20 years, developing all sorts of products. We can advise you and guide you in tackling these and other challenges.